May 5, 2016

The launch of ICGCmed

The International Cancer Genome Consortium for Medicine (ICGCmed) is a new global initiative that will combine genomic data with clinical and health information.

ICGCmed - Image from white paper

In 2008 the International Cancer Genome (ICGC) launched with an ambitious goal: to map 25,000 cancer genomes from 50 different tumour types and make the data available to qualified researchers around the world. Today the ICGC is well on its way to this target, with over 15,000 genomes already available to researchers, and many more on the way.

About two years ago, it became clear to ICGC members that the future of cancer treatment would require far more than just the descriptive catalogue of genomic alterations that ICGC was building. While ICGC’s work was the essential foundation for further research, the members identified that the needed to explore tumour alterations more extensively for more rare events and link the genomic data to clinical information.

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