February 3, 2017

Saturday, February 4 is World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day - February 4, 2017

Cancer is a global concern. Cancer Research UK estimated that in 2012 there were 14.1 million new diagnoses of cancer worldwide and 8.2 million deaths could be attributed to the disease. While these staggering numbers alone may paint a bleak picture, it is important to remember that around the world scientists are improving methods to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. Their efforts have drastically increased cancer survival over the last few decades.

OICR is proud to contribute to this global cause through its provincial, national and international research projects. Cancer is too large and complex an issue to be tackled by one organization alone. Below we’re sharing a selection of stories from the last several months highlighting the progress that has been made by researchers at the Institute, working together with our partners, to help reduce the impact of cancer on the lives of people around the world.

Pan-Canadian research team uncovers ‘signature’ to reduce overtreatment of prostate cancer

New findings challenge current view of how pancreas cancer develops

Cancer stem cell scientists create tool to aid in planning treatment for leukemia

Constructing the cloud

An interview with Dr. David LeBrun, leader of OICR’s new molecular pathology network

Partnership to expand genomic data sharing in Europe